What is a Service Squadron


A Service Squadron may be composed of a few dozens of fighter planes. All of which are supervised by a group of highly dedicated and competent Enlisted Sailors and Naval Officers. Anytime it receives a call for help, it is up and ready to go — whenever, wherever.

The men and women of the Service Squadron specialize in different kinds of Navy helicopters, Navy planes, and Navy unmanned aerial vehicles. The squadron proves to be an efficient way of organizing Navy men and aircrafts as everybody knows exactly their respective roles. It’s likewise easier to control missions, maintain order in the day-to-day activities, and manage the always-changing roles of the naval aviators.

ship-1242508_640The Service Squadron’s Mission

The Service Squadron specializes in a wide range of skills. It can be used to provide or augment offensive support or it can be called to assist in defending its allies against known or potential enemies.

Here are some of its most renowned strengths and capabilities:

  • Aerial attacks and aerial strikes
  • Air command and control
  • Anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare
  • Battlespace management
  • Intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance for sea, air, and land
  • Combat search and rescue and emergency aid
  • Communications relay and logistics
  • Naval aviators and equipment/supplies transport
  • Prompt delivery of relief assistance

In its quest to offer unmatched expertise and versatility, the Service Squadron undergoes continuous training and education. It never stops working hard for the safety of everybody. Its door is always welcome to those who share the same vision — a secure place for everyone.

Different Types of Squadrons

There are a few types of aircraft and squadron in the 60th Services Squadron. Each of which has its own unique skills, missions, and responsibilities. Depending on the need, they may also be positioned in various parts of the world where they can be most effective.

Sea-Based Squadrons

These squadrons handle massive aircraft carriers and amphibious vessels. Often, the Navy ships come with a flight deck where planes, helicopters, and UAVs can easily land and fly.

Land-Based Squadrons

Some aircrafts may not be designed to operate from a naval ship. For this reason, these aircrafts are often land-based in various strategic locations.